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 To all of The Embellished House loyal customers and to the new customers who have just found us at this chaotic point in time…We have not permanently closed our doors. Our neighbors, Studio 41, will be expanding into our Suite 143. We quickly moved out to help make room for their renovations.

For the time being, The Embellished House will store its' inventory in a warehouse in the Scottsdale Airpark. The everyday normal services of our business will not change. I will continue to hunt in the Midwest and in the East for vintage, industrial and architectural salvage. I will also continue to go to Market to find those great accessories to pair with The Embellished House’s special look and feel. I will continue to take lists on my hunts for those customers who are in need of specific items for their homes, remodels or their new builds. The only difference in this immediate process is that all appointments will need to be scheduled in advance. Our working warehouse is just that….a warehouse to hold our inventory until a new location can be found (which I am presently in the process of doing).

I ask that you please bear with this somewhat small inconvenience and please do keep checking our sites for the Relocation Updates. We can be reached via our website to schedule an appointment; to inquire about an item that you have seen on the website or on any of our other social media sites; to request a consultation for a custom find or to inquire about our personal design service.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for becoming a part of The Embellished House. I know that the 11 years in which The Embellished House has continued to evolve will only get better as we move forward. I look forward to that continuing evolution.

With Much Gratitude….Nancy J Ruben